The “Latinx in Gaming” community is a thriving hub that welcomes thousands of Hispanic and Latinx members from the gaming industry. Their mission is crystal clear: “Break down barriers to revolutionize the gaming industry for a more diverse, inclusive, and promising future.”

This vibrant space is where community members uplift and empower each other, along with fellow marginalized communities, always ready to offer a helping hand. While the majority of members come from the U.S. with Latin American roots or direct ties to Latin America, their reach is truly global. Many have forged unique paths as game developers, content creators, and passionate gamers. Celebrating their diversity is a source of immense pride for this community.

Annual Celebrations
The “Latinx in Gaming” server’s celebrations extend well beyond Hispanic Heritage Month. They host three annual events that set them apart:

UNIDOS is their annual community spotlight, akin to shining a light on extraordinary members who have made a significant impact. This article is somewhat similar to what UNIDOS represents – acknowledging outstanding achievements within the community.

Game Jam
Their talented development community participates in an annual game jam, where they create games for a chance to secure additional funding to further enhance their projects. It’s an opportunity for budding game developers to shine.

CONEXION is a virtual career fair, connecting their community with gaming industry professionals who offer mentorship opportunities to enhance their skills and careers. For some, this event has been a stepping stone to job offers at renowned game companies. It’s a testament to the power of networking and support within this dynamic community.

Whether you’re aspiring to find your dream role in the gaming industry or simply enjoy game development as a hobby, the “Latinx in Gaming” community is your welcoming haven. You can find them in Server Discovery, waiting to embrace you with open arms.

Fyre House: Where Creativity and Music Collide
If your creative outlet leans more towards music, consider visiting the Fyre House, the home of Twitch streamer, drummer extraordinaire, and professional Toad impersonator, Sunfyre. Her community has thrived through her Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram channels, and it’s not just about watching – it’s about participating in something special.

“Everyone is from all over the world,” says Sunfyre, “We share different interests, yet similar interests in music and free-spirited outlooks on life.”

Inside Fyre House
Inside the Fyre House server, you’ll discover a multitude of spaces to indulge in your creative passions. From karaoke sessions to community meetups, there’s ample encouragement to push yourself further at the gym. And, of course, there’s a dedicated #music channel for music enthusiasts. But beware, the #food channel might make your stomach growl with envy, as Sunfyre’s community whips up some mouthwatering meals.

As a community leader, Sunfyre knows how to make her server stand out. She fondly recalls a day when she “dressed up as Toad and started singing Metallica with Toad’s voice while playing drums, and that video went viral, bringing a wave of new friends to the server.” You can imagine the energy and enthusiasm that permeates this community.

If you’re seeking an energetic and creative community like no other, Sunfyre and her Fyre House are ready to welcome you with open arms. You can join the Fyre House in Server Discovery, where the magic awaits.

Celebrating Latinidad, Together
In the spirit of unity and celebration, we mustn’t overlook Discord’s own Hispanic and Latinx Employee Resource Group, known as La Cafeteria. This year, La Cafeteria is lending its support to three local and nationwide organizations: La Raza Centro Legal San Francisco, Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, and Taller Salud. These organizations champion important causes, such as providing free legal representation to the Latinx community, improving women’s access to healthcare, and empowering young people to reach their full potential.

Additionally, the ERG is hosting an art gallery at Discord’s offices, a Discord-themed Loteria session, and a group food and history tour of San Francisco’s historic Mission District. It promises to be both delicious and educational. If this sounds like something you’d love to be part of in the future, consider exploring Discord’s current career opportunities on our jobs page.

In conclusion, Discord is more than just a platform; it’s a tapestry of diverse communities, each offering a unique and enriching experience. Whether you’re passionate about gaming, music, or social causes, you can find your home in Discord, and these highlighted communities are a testament to the magic that happens when like-minded individuals come together.


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