Earnings on Facebook and Instagram: The Ultimate Guide


New Avenues for Monetization

In our unwavering commitment to empower you to transform your passion into a thriving source of income, we’re excited to introduce some groundbreaking updates that will revolutionize how you manage your online presence and earn money doing what you love. Explore the latest developments designed to help you maximize your revenue potential.

Fan Support Products: A Boon for Content Creators

Fan Subscriptions: Your devoted fans can now directly support you through recurring monthly payments. This feature is now available to any eligible Page in specified markets. Sign up and start building your fan subscription community today.

Stars: Looking to boost your earnings from live streams? Your fans can purchase Stars and send them your way through comments. Additionally, you can set Stars goals, include automated thank you cards, and utilize other valuable tools in Creator Studio. If you’re a creator in one of the eligible markets, express your interest and embark on this exciting journey.


Evolution of In-Stream Ads on Facebook

The world of in-stream ads on Facebook is continually evolving, providing more opportunities for monetization across a wide range of video content.

Ads in Short-Form Videos: Monetize your 60 to 180-second short-form videos with image and post-roll ads. We are currently testing these non-interruptive ad formats on engaging short videos, and we’re investing in monetization solutions for long-form content as well.

Ads for Live Videos: Live video can now be leveraged for ads like never before. From monetizing previously live videos to enabling mid-roll ads during your live stream, we’re providing new opportunities for creators.

New Ad Experiences: We’re dedicated to increasing payouts for creators in Watch. One exciting test includes allowing viewers to start watching videos in their News Feed and continue in Watch after viewing a short ad.

Expanding Access to Brand Collabs Manager

Both Facebook and Instagram creators will now have expanded access to Brand Collabs Manager, a valuable tool that helps you discover potential brand partnerships and collaborate with them. This opens up new avenues for monetization and brand partnerships that can elevate your content and income.


Monetizing Online Events

For creators hosting online events, we’re thrilled to introduce a novel way of monetization called “Paid Online Events.” This innovative feature involves a one-time access charge collected when guests register to attend your event. Stay tuned as we share more about this exciting opportunity in the near future.

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Exciting Updates for Instagram Creators

Recent updates on Instagram Live and IGTV are set to provide even more income opportunities for creators.

Badges in Instagram Live: We’re currently testing Badges on Instagram Live, allowing viewers to purchase badges to support their favorite creators. Badge holders will stand out in the comments and gain access to special features.

Ads in IGTV: To support creators, we’re sharing ad revenue from video ads designed for mobile and up to 15 seconds in length. These ad experiences will be tested with a select group of creators and advertisers in the US and gradually expanded to enhance the experience over time.

Enriching the Shopping Experience

We’ve recently unveiled exciting news about Facebook Shops and our commitment to enhancing online buying and selling. Creators and brands can now tag products from their Facebook shop or catalog before going live. These tagged products will be prominently displayed at the bottom of the video, making it easy for viewers to learn more and make a purchase.

New and Improved Creator Studio

If you’re already familiar with managing, posting, and monetizing videos using Creator Studio, you’ll be delighted with the latest improvements.

  • Creating and Scheduling Posts: Enjoy a seamless experience with the Creator Studio app, now offering the capability to create and schedule posts.
  • Login with Instagram Credentials: Access Creator Studio using your Instagram credentials for added convenience.
  • Enhanced Insights: Dive deeper into your content with more detailed insights in the brand-new Video Details Explorer dashboard. You can also track hourly metrics for your videos.

As we continue to test and learn, we’re dedicated to unlocking more ways to support your creator journey and help you grow your business on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates on the horizon. Your success as a creator is our top priority.



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