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Summer is synonymous with gaming, offering enthusiasts of all genres the perfect opportunity to clear their backlogs before the influx of fall releases. Whether you have a traditional summer break or not, gaming provides a welcome escape from the daily grind, reminiscent of those summer nights spent gaming with friends. Who doesn’t yearn to relive the glory days of Halo 3?

Regardless of your gaming location, Discord stands out as the ultimate platform for hanging out and strategizing during your gaming sessions. But here’s the twist: gaming conversations on Discord aren’t limited to the gameplay itself. You can discuss strategies for the next round of your competitive shooter or embark on solo dungeon runs while catching up on each other’s week.

Today, we unveil the most-played games on Discord, as favored by YOU – the vibrant Discord gaming community. So, assemble your friends, grab your preferred controller or keyboard, don your headset, and join the Discord frenzy with voice chat on your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, or mobile device.

Discover Discord’s Most Popular Video Games
This isn’t just another list of our favorite games (although we wouldn’t mind joining you for a few rounds). The following games are the top picks among Discord users, thanks to their robust multiplayer support. Let’s dive into each of them and explore the platforms where they’re available.

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League of Legends
Available on PC via the official website or the Epic Games Store. Rated T.

League of Legends, with a remarkable 14-year history, remains one of the go-to MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). In this game, two teams of five players each aim to defend their giant crystal while attacking the enemy’s base until it explodes.

On paper, it might seem straightforward, but with over 140 characters, each boasting unique abilities, a plethora of variables, equippable items, and various obstacles, you’ll want to rally your Discord friends to join the voice chat and collaborate for the best chance at victory. Alternatively, you can spend countless hours laughing at each other’s amusing mistakes—it’s all part of the learning experience!

Join the League of Legends server.

Available on PC via the official website, iOS, Android, and Xbox. Supports cross-play. Rated T.

What exactly is Roblox? In truth, it’s more like, “What ISN’T Roblox?” It has evolved into a platform where players can create and share virtually anything they desire, spanning genres, moods, and styles.

From life simulations to shooters, realistic recreations, and games that demand unwavering dedication, Roblox offers a staggering array of experiences. Some players explore a variety of games, while others invest hundreds of hours in a single Roblox adventure. With numerous community-run Discord servers dedicated to specific Roblox experiences, start by checking out the largest one below, and the possibilities are endless.

These are just two of the many exciting gaming options thriving on Discord. As you immerse yourself in these games and interact with fellow gamers, remember that the summer gaming experience goes beyond gameplay—it’s about building lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. So, gear up, invite your friends, and let the gaming adventures of summer commence!


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