Discord Internship Program 2023: A Glimpse into the Future


The Discord Internship Program has once again left a lasting impression on the platform, as a diverse group of talented individuals from various backgrounds converged to contribute their skills and enthusiasm. These interns embarked on a collective mission to enhance the Discord experience for all users. Throughout the course of their internships, they underwent significant personal and professional growth, surmounted challenges, and even had the chance to meet in person during the company’s annual on-site event. In this article, we introduce you to the Discord Intern Class of 2023 and share their insights into the program.

Meet the Discord Intern Class of 2023!
Serrana: Bridging the Gap in Machine Learning
Serrana, a Software Engineering – Machine Learning Platform Intern, hails from Uruguay and found solace in Discord during the peak of the pandemic. Her journey to Discord was driven by a desire to combat loneliness and to contribute to a platform that had offered her comfort.

Lee: Pursuing a Passion for Law
Lee, this year’s Legal Intern, discovered their passion for law during college. Joining Discord as a summer intern provided them with a hands-on opportunity to explore the legal field and contribute to a dynamic tech company.

Thijs: Discord Dev Extraordinaire
Thijs, a Product Engineering – Messaging Intern, brought prior Discord development experience to the table. Already an app developer for the popular Truth or Dare Discord app, Thijs continued to make strides in the world of Discord development.

Caleb: Nurturing a Passion for Design
Caleb, a computer science student, joined Discord as a Product Engineering – Design Systems Intern. Inspired by a dedicated college professor, Caleb found their calling in web development and UI/UX design.

Liang: Applying Machine Learning in Real Life
Liang, a data science and machine learning Ph.D. student, yearned to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications. Joining as a Data Science Intern – Machine Learning Intern, Liang found the perfect platform to harness their excitement for real-world machine learning.

Paul: From Online Gaming to Business Strategy
Paul’s journey took him from a small town in the Philippines to becoming a Strategy and Business Planning Intern at Discord. Online gaming introduced him to friends from around the world, fueling his desire for global exploration and eventually leading him to study at Stanford.

Kaylee: Protecting the Discord Community
Kaylee, a Stanford University student majoring in computer science, joined as a Security Intern. As a long-time Discord user, she valued the platform for its gaming community and sought to contribute to its safety.

Additional Contributions
In addition to the interns mentioned above, we would also like to acknowledge Kelly, a Product Engineering – Revenue Infrastructure Intern, and Chenxi, who joined as a Data Engineering Intern. Furthermore, a special shoutout to Janelle, this year’s Product Design Intern, whose creative touch is reflected in the banner of this blog.

The Path to Discord Internship
Each intern’s journey to Discord was unique:

Lee: Lee discovered the internship opportunity on LinkedIn. Their determination and enthusiasm led them to apply, and they were thrilled with the transparency and guidance offered throughout the interview process.

Thijs: Thijs had dreamt of working at Discord for years and took the initiative to reach out to Jason directly via email. His dedication paid off as he received support from Jason and others, ultimately leading to his successful application.

Kaylee: Kaylee found the internship through the Discord Careers site. She appreciated the personal and engaging approach taken by the recruiting team, making the entire process enjoyable and insightful.

Paul: Paul stumbled upon the opportunity on LinkedIn while searching for gaming-related internships. The informal and friendly interview process at Discord stood out as a refreshing departure from traditional corporate interviews.

The Discord Intern Class of 2023 represents a group of talented individuals who not only contributed to the platform but also found personal and professional growth during their internships. Their journeys serve as an inspiration to anyone seeking opportunities to make a difference in the tech industry. Discord continues to provide a welcoming and dynamic environment for interns, fostering innovation and collaboration.



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