Biola University: A Comprehensive Overview


Biola University, a leading Christian institution, is known for its strong emphasis on faith and academic excellence. Located in La Mirada, California, it offers a vibrant community where faith and learning intersect.


Founded in 1908, Biola originally focused on biblical education and has since expanded into a comprehensive university offering various degree programs.

Campus and Facilities

The picturesque campus features state-of-the-art facilities, including the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology, and Health, along with modern dormitories and libraries.

Academic Programs

Biola offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs across disciplines such as business, education, psychology, and theology.

Admission Process

Biola seeks students who are committed to academic and spiritual growth. The application process includes transcripts, personal essays, and recommendations.

Faculty and Research

The university boasts a distinguished faculty who are leaders in their fields, fostering a supportive environment for research and scholarship.

Student Life

With over 60 student organizations, Biola promotes an active campus life. Students engage in sports, arts, and spiritual activities, enhancing their university experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

Biola is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that values diversity, offering support programs and resources for all students.

Global Influence

Biola’s global reach includes study abroad programs and international partnerships, enriching the educational experience.


Biola’s alumni network is robust, with graduates excelling in various fields and contributing to society worldwide.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The university provides numerous financial aid options, including scholarships and grants, making education accessible to all students.

Contributions to Society

Biola emphasizes service and community engagement, preparing students to make meaningful contributions in their careers and communities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Through initiatives like the Crowell School of Business, Biola encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

Challenges and Controversies

Like many institutions, Biola faces challenges but addresses them with a commitment to transparency and community dialogue.

Future of Biola University

Biola continues to expand its programs and facilities, with a vision to foster academic excellence and spiritual growth.


Biola University stands out as a distinctive institution where faith and learning converge, preparing students for impactful lives.


What majors are popular at Biola University?
Popular majors include Psychology, Business Administration, and Biblical Studies.

Is Biola University accredited?
Yes, Biola is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

What is the student-to-faculty ratio at Biola?
The student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1, ensuring personalized attention.

Are there online programs available?
Yes, Biola offers various online programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

What are the spiritual life opportunities at Biola?
Biola provides chapel services, mission trips, and discipleship programs to enrich students’ spiritual lives.


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