7 Tips for Content Creators: Mastering Brand Collaborations in 2023


In June 2023, VidCon US was taken by storm as Meta spearheaded a multitude of creator-focused initiatives. From discussions on safety and well-being tools to delving into Reels and immersing in the metaverse, the event provided invaluable insights. During this event, prominent creators Luann Diez, Daphnique Springs, and Markian Benhamou shared their wisdom on effectively working with brands and capitalizing on opportunities across Facebook and Instagram.

Deploy a Comprehensive Strategy
Lifestyle influencer Luann Diez emphasized the importance of a multi-pronged approach when collaborating on brand campaigns. To maximize impact, she strategically employs various Instagram tools such as Stories, Feed, and Reels.

“I aim to leverage every tool Instagram offers, ensuring a more effective, authentic, and enduring campaign. The goal is to create a lasting impression and boost brand awareness,” she explained.

Markian Benhamou, the creator and founder of Smile Squad, echoed this sentiment, saying, “I utilize a range of features for brand partnerships. I create the main content in video format, with Reels serving as a one-minute teaser. Additionally, Stories provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse, keeping viewers informed. A multi-dimensional approach is key to crafting compelling brand content.”

Share Your Unique Story
Every creator has a unique journey, and tapping into this personal narrative can be a powerful tool when working with brands. Luann Diez, for instance, highlighted the resonance her own life story creates.

“As a Mexican living in the US, my story is relatable to many. Sharing my journey helps create a genuine connection, which can greatly benefit brands,” she explained.

Align Your Values
When entering into partnerships with brands, it’s crucial to align your values with theirs. Creators must thoroughly understand a brand’s core principles, messaging, and work ethics. Effective communication is vital.

Daphnique Springs, a comedian and actress, emphasized the need to work with trustworthy brands with a clear message that resonates with her audience. She said, “I love collaborating with brands that are diverse and relatable to my audience.”

Markian Benhamou added that this alignment of values should be a two-way street, with brands also immersing themselves in the creator’s community to ensure a harmonious collaboration. Forming connections based on shared values helps create content that truly resonates with the audience and drives results.

Leverage Your Audience Insights
Daphnique Springs shared her approach to using audience insights to demonstrate her engagement and how well she aligns with a brand’s target demographic.

“Meta provides precise analytics, allowing brands to gauge if you have the desired audience for their products or services. Details like location, age groups, and gender are crucial in ensuring that a brand’s investment isn’t wasted,” Springs explained.

Connect In-Person and Online
Luann Diez revealed that brands often approach her through direct messages on social media, and she has reciprocated the gesture with brands she admires. Brands also contact her via email. However, her preferred method is meeting potential collaborators in person at events.

“Events offer the opportunity to connect with the people you’ll be working with and gauge if a partnership is viable for a campaign,” Diez emphasized.

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Elevate Brand Collaborations
Daphnique Springs is excited about the new grid pinning feature that’s set to elevate her brand partnerships. This feature highlights branded posts at the top of her profile grid, ensuring that visitors immediately recognize her brand collaborations.

She suggested that brands should make this feature a contractual requirement to enhance visibility and recognition.

Embrace Your Unique Strength
Markian Benhamou highlighted the essential role creators play in building trust for brands. Creators possess a genuine connection with their audience and offer a distinct personality.

“Creators convey positive messages through their content. If we seamlessly integrate a brand into our narrative, it results in a meaningful collaboration,” Benhamou stated.

Daphnique Springs concurred, emphasizing that her ability to connect with her audience is the superpower she brings to the table. When partnering with her, brands gain someone who truly understands their audience and possesses the creativity to engage them effectively.

In conclusion, these tips from seasoned creators shed light on the key elements of a successful collaboration with brands in the ever-evolving landscape of social media. By deploying a comprehensive strategy, sharing your personal story, aligning with brand values, leveraging audience insights, and creating authentic connections, you can unlock the full potential of brand partnerships in 2023.


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